The course:
The 14.7 km race begins and ends on Gore Street, directly in front of the Perth Museum (Matheson House). The course is a large block, as the name suggests. It is run counter-clockwise down Gore and Wilson streets, left on Sunset Boulevard, left on Glen Tay Road, left on Scotch Line, and left again on Gore Street for the homestretch through the town of Perth back to the finish line.

We are delaying registration this year, due to….well, you know…COVID. We may open registration online or we may opt for in person only. Stay tuned. Either way, we will make it an even $20 to race.
Registration online is done through Events.com.

Sponsors & Friends:
The GTBR is sponsored by Branch 244, Perth-Upon-Tay, Royal Canadian Legion. The Race Committee organizes and conducts the race with the assistance of numerous helpers, particularly along the race course. Many of the volunteers, especially families, have been involved for several years. The Saltos Gymnastics Club is an important source of race day volunteers.

Course Records:
The overall course records are:

  • Men’s: 45:14 set in 2003 by Kingston’s Steve Boyd; and
  • Women’s: 54:36 set in 1982 by Helen Cooper of Ottawa.
  • The previous course record of 45:30 was held by Perth native Doug Scorrar from 1976 to 2003!
  • Click here for a full list of Course Records.

Awards & Prizes:
Replicas of the Bill Wilson Memorial Trophy (men) and the Perth Runners Trophy (women) are awarded to the race winners. Medals and prizes are awarded in several age group categories. A Branch 244 Legion commemorative pennant and a race certificate are presented to each participant, if requested.

On-street parking is available throughout Perth. Additional parking is available in Town of Perth parking lots one block from the start: one lot is located off Herriott Street across from the library. The other is located off Wilson Street, just south of Foster Street, behind The Office. Parking is free after 6pm but only costs $1 an hour before that. Want to know more about the beautiful town of Perth? Then click here! 

Bathrooms & Changerooms:
There are public bathrooms available on the south side of the Perth Town Hall on Market Square and at the Crystal Palace. Also, changerooms are available from 5pm to 9pm in the Perth & District Community Centre located at 2 Beckwith St East.

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